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Immediate care plans

Where immediate benefit is required because treatment is imminent or because a person is already in receipt of long term care, then the usual remedy is for that person (or their close family) to buy an immediate care fees annuity to cover the cost of long term care.

The benefit is usually paid directly to a residential or nursing home. Income payments can escalate each year to coincide with the care providers annual review date.

Such plans ensure that fees can be met for the remainder of the annuitant’s life, giving peace of mind all round.

Each case is assessed according to the condition of the care recipient, their life expectancy, the type of care and benefit required.

For a relatively small additional cost, death benefit can also be include to ensure that there would be some return of capital should the annuitant die in the early years.

Cost of immediate care plans

Whilst indicative quotations are available from the providers of immediate care plans, they tend to differ massively when compared to the final fully underwritten premium.

Do speak to us to start the underwriting process and determine the actual cost of an immediate care plan based on your personal circumstances and objectives.

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